About Us

The Licensed Taxi Operators Association represents a group of mainly large private hire taxi operators in Northern Ireland. These operators would be responsible for a majority of NI private hire drivers on their licenses and would cover most areas in Northern Ireland.

The group was formed in order to represent the industry to government during the pandemic to address issues such as driver and passenger wellbeing, covid guidance, driver grants and support and maintaining customer services for our passengers.As we emerge from the pandemic, the group continues to represent the industry to government and other bodies on issues including driver shortages, regulatory requirements, fare structures and driver and operator licensing.

The taxi industry is interdependent with many other sectors including hospitality, tourism, healthcare, business and education and we believe that for each to operate successfully there needs to be proper provision of realistically priced taxi services across the country and at all times.

We are currently lobbying in a number of key areas.

Driver shortages.
The taxi industry continues to lose drivers through natural wastage. This trend has accelerated because of Covid and we are lobbying for a temporary relaxation in new driver testing to allow more drivers to enter the industry.

Taxi fares.
This is to ensure that fares are low enough for all passengers to have access to taxis, but high enough to encourage drivers (who mostly choose their own hours) to work at times of high demand and during anti-social hours.

Taxi classification.
We believe in a healthy, competitive taxi industry. One where market forces drive supply and demand and determine pricing. This is best for the passenger as it keeps pricing realistic and stops surge pricing This can only happen where all classes of taxis are regulated in the same way.